April 2013 Newsletter (vol.17)   >>   Houseplants: For the Health of it

Houseplants look attractive in your home and serve as the perfect home décor, but houseplants can provide more than just aesthetic value. We already take advantage of the many benefits of plants in the landscape, but many times do not think it applies inside as well. Houseplants can interact with your body and home in subtle ways that you may not notice initially but can ultimately improve your quality of life.


First and foremost, plants help reduce stress and can improve your well being. You may not recognize the difference immediately, but it has been proven by many researchers that just simply being around greenery creates a tranquil feeling, lowers blood pressure and heart rates. This is why it is common to bring flowers/plants to patients in the hospital and why many hospitals are creating “healing gardens”. So why limit these benefits only to hospital patients? Reap the benefits of plants and fill your office space or home too.


Plants can also improve air quality which is especially important in areas that do not get frequent open air circulation. The air gets stagnant and full of toxins or dust particles. Interiorscaping can help with these problems. It can reduce carbon dioxide levels, airborne dust, toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde while also increasing the humidity and maintaining more consistent air temperatures.


In a busy office setting or lobby, plants can help lower background noises. We already use plants in the landscape to achieve this exact goal by planting screens. Having plants indoors serves the same purpose. Their leaves absorb, diffract or reflect the noise just as they do in the landscape.


Remember to select the correct plant for your location based upon exposure requirements and maintain a regular watering schedule. Fill your home or office space with houseplants to improve the quality of your life.  If nothing else, do it for the health of it! Your family, coworkers, and local garden center will thank you!


Costa Farms has created a great video to help explain the benefits of houseplants: O24U: Houseplants with a purpose.