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Every time you lick a stamp, you’re consuming 1/10 of a calorie.


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No Fly Bio Insecticide

No Fly Bio Insecticide


Actinovate AG

Actinovate AG Fungicide


What is Myke?

MYKE is a complete product line of all-natural growth supplements which contain biological fungi called mycorrhizae. It should not to be confused with fertilizer because it is just a supplement, but it can be used in addition to low-phosphorus fertilizers. MYKE is ready to use and safe for the environment, gardeners, and pets. It is OMRI certified and should be applied directly in contact with the plant’s roots by using at the time of sowing, repotting, planting, or tending your plants.

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High Tunnel

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10 Common Mistakes Beginners Make

Planting a tree

What are the most common mistakes beginner gardeners make? Learn more about what beginners think and how to combat these issues.

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Houseplants: For the Health of it

Houseplants look attractive in your home and serve as the perfect home décor, but houseplants can provide more than just aesthetic value. We already take advantage of the many benefits of plants in the landscape, but many times do not think it applies inside as well. Houseplants can interact with your body and home in subtle ways that you may not notice initially but can ultimately improve your quality of life.

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Hummert's 18th Annual Greenhouse Operations and Management Short Course Register Today!

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April Garden Tips


  • Apply pre-emergent herbicides to control crabgrass.
  • Stake your perennials if needed.
  • Fertilize woody plants and roses.
  • Plant pansies.
  • Pull blue violet weeds.
  • Begin fertilizing houseplants.
  • Check roses for black spot and insect pests.
  • Remove tent caterpillar nests from fruit trees.
  • Plant trees, shrubs and perennials as soil and weather conditions allow.
  • Continue to provide food and water for wildlife.
  • Plant a tree for Earth Day