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Raised-bed gardening is a popular technique that is used all over the world.  These types of beds are both functional and attractive in the landscape and are used for growing plants such as vegetables and fruits, as well as flowers.  Our Dyna Mix line has everything you need to make the raised bed you have always wanted!


Why have a raised bed vs a traditional garden?

  • Gardening is made possible in difficult to grow areas where planting would otherwise be impossible.
  • Soil temperatures of raised beds increases faster in the spring, allowing you to work in the soil and plant earlier.
  • Better drainage.
  • Soil is less likely to get compacted.
  • Less bending required for watering, weeding and other chores
  • Easier to maintain

Why Dyna Mix Raised Bed System?

  • 12 gauge powder coated steel.
  • Galvanized screws are included in assembly
  • Designed for 4’, 8’, 12’ or 16’ lengths, using 2”x 8” lumber.
  • Sleek design and fantastic look.
  • Made in the USA.

Dyna Mix Raised Bed Products:

Whether you want a single (Model 100) or a double layer bed (Model 200), the Dyna Mix Raised Bed System can provide you with everything that you need to create a beautiful raised bed garden.


  • Model 100 7” Dyna Mix Raised Bed Brackets are used to connect two layers of 2”x8” lumber to form a sturdy raised bed garden.

  • Model 200 14” Dyna Mix Raised Bed Brackets are used to connect two layers of 2”x8” lumber to form a sturdy raised bed garden.

  • Extender Bracket 4' Extender sections allow lumber to be joined together to form raised beds of different lenghts. For example, 2-8' boards can be connected to form a 16' length. Special notched bars are included to go across the width of the bed to prevent bowing.

  • Top Cap 4’ Top Cap sections are fastened to the top edge of the 2” thick lumber to protect and strengthen while also adding a finished look.

  • Z-Bar 4’ Z-Bar sections are fastened between layers of lumber to provide support against bowing or flexing due to weight of growing media.

  • Lumber 2” X 8” X 8' Cedar Smooth Boards

  • Dyna Mix Raised Bed Soil Dyna Mix Raised Bed Soil is a natural, sustainable blend that provides excellent drainage and root aeration.  This mix is excellent for raised bed gardens as well as containers.  It is comprised of 40% compost, 40% peat moss and 20% parboiled rice hulls.  50 cu. ft. bags are also available with an easy dump bottom. It is recommended to also incorporate a general purpose fertilizer such as Dyna Mix Nutriblend or Dyna Green because the Dyna Mix Raised Bed Soil does not include a nutrient charge.


Find out how easy and rewarding gardening can be with the Dyna Mix Raised Bed System.  You will have delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers before you know it.  See for yourself!