February 2013 Newsletter (vol.15)   >>   Which came first?

Chick Magic

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? You can ponder this question, but for Cold Spring Egg Farm it was the chickens.  What started as one man’s dream in 1958 is now Wisconsin’s largest egg laying operation and one of the finest egg farms in the country.  So you ask how does this relate to the horticulture industry?  Well, with all of those hens laying eggs, something had to be done with all of the manure. That is how Chick Magic fertilizer hatched.  Chick magic is a full line of organic pelletized fertilizers made from “processed” chicken manure.  


Raw chicken manure is more concentrated than most other animal manures. It contains at least 50% water so when it is “processed” (dried, milled, and pelletized) it results in a dense finished product with higher nutrient levels and better carbon to nitrogen ratios. Chick magic is processed without any litter, bedding or other fillers and is dried at extremely high temperatures to ensure that any potential pathogens or weed seeds are destroyed.  During the manufacturing process, the fertilizer is granulated then undergoes a thorough screening process to remove unwanted "fines" or dust.


The entire line of Chick Magic fertilizers offer a complete analysis that can be applied to horticulture and agriculture crops. It is approved for organic crop production by the USDA and is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed.  All products are slow release formulations that when applied according to the label will not burn your plants and are safe to use around children and pets.  Up to 20% of Chick Magic is water-soluble and ready for immediate release by irrigation or rainfall. However, more than 80% of it is NOT water-soluble. It begins to decompose and release nutrients when the soil temperature reaches approximately 55°F and the microbial community is active. It will continue releasing nutrients throughout the entire growing season and into the next growing season.


Unlike many other manures, Chick Magic is an easy to use, low odor fertilizer that is a homogenous composition (not a blended fertilizer) so you’ll get the most consistent results. Any opened bags can be reused from season to season, just be sure to completely seal the bag with tape and store in a cool dry place. Experience the results for yourself by using any of the below Chick Magic products, derived from pure hen waste and you’ll know why it’s called, “Chick Magic.”


Chick Magic All-Purpose 5-3-2 Formulated for all plants in your lawn and garden. Also contains 7% calcium which promotes strong cell structure, rapid root establishment, and much more.  Packaged in a convenient resealable 5 lb package.

Chick Magic Tomato 3-6-6 Designed for all varieties of tomatoes, vegetables, berries, and fruits.  Packaged in a convenient resealable 5 lb package.


Chick Magic Rose 3-6-3 Formulated for all varieties of rose plants and most other flowers as well. Incorporate into the soil or topdress 3 lbs/100 sq ft, or 30 lbs/1000 sq ft of flower bed.  Apply Chick Magic twice per year. Packaged in a convenient resealable 5 lb package.


Chick Magic Leafy Vegetable 4-3-2 Formulated for all leafy vegetables.  Packaged in a convenient resealable 5 lb package.


Chick Magic Lawn & Garden 5-3-2 Formulated for all plants in your lawn and garden.  Available in 25 lb bags, 40 lb bags, and 2000 lb totes. Recommended lawn application rate: Broadcast 20 lbs/1000 sq ft. Apply four times per year, or double the dose and apply twice per year. Make crisscross applications if possible. Same rate may be used on established turf, new seeding, or under sod.


To learn more visit Chick Magic's Website