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Our Springfield, MO Location Grand Opening!

Springfield Grand Opening

1 Potato, 2 Potato, 3 Potato... Four

Potato Colors

While gardening might seem like a faraway dream in these cold winter months, you will want to start thinking about one of your first garden plantings, potatoes. Potatoes are mysterious because they develop out of sight, underground. The potatoes that we eat are starchy tubers that swell and get larger as the top half of the plant matures. Home grown potatoes, are not only easy to grow, but they store for months after harvest and taste much better than anything that you will buy in a store.

Order Your Cardboard Plant Trays Now!

Cardboard Plant Trays

Read Between the Lines


As seed catalogs begin stacking up and you start planning for your spring garden, there are some seed terms that you should familiarize yourself with. GMO, open-pollinated, organic, and heirloom varieties are just a few terms that are commonly used, but what do they really mean? You should be able to make an educated decision about which seed is best for your garden without all of the confusion. The descriptions in the seed catalogs all boast the best characteristics, but you have to read between the lines and knowing some general terms may help.

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Ice Melt in Stock

Ice Melt

Pet Guard   Zero Ice

January Garden Tips

Blue Jay at feeder

  • Inspect stored roots, corms and tubers.
  • Group houseplants to increase humidity.
  • Start ordering your seeds for spring.
  • Provide food and water for birds.
  • Check trees and shrubs for signs of rodent feeding.
  • Remove winter weeds.
  • Cut back ornamental grasses.
  • Plan a strawberry bed.

Midwest Grape & Wine Trade Show

Midwest Grape & Wine
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February 8-9, 2013
St. Charles Convention Center

St. Charles, Missouri

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