December 2012 Newsletter (vol.13)   >>   Next Generation of Gardening: Eden Grow Rooms

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Grow fresh produce all year in your back yard and take gardening to a whole new level with an Eden Grow Room.


What is an Eden Grow Room?

Eden Grow Rooms are highly insulated, climate controlled rooms that enable you to establish a controlled growing environment, a concept that until now has only been available in research labs. The rooms are constructed with 4" high density foam insulation laminated between two sheets of painted galvanized 26 gauge steel. Each room comes with tongue and groove edged panels that are equipped with cam action locking devices for an airtight and water resistant finished room. The rooms come equipped with an insulated entrance door installed in a standard panel for easy installation. Optional flooring can be installed for increased energy efficiency. These rooms can be installed inside or outside, no matter what the climate and have the capability of maintaining a plus or minus 5 degree temperature.


Why Have an Eden Grow Room?

  • Produce fresh organic fruit and vegetables that you know are safe for your family.
  • Overwinter your tropicals and houseplants so you can be the first to have full, flourishing color just in time for the spring.
  • Can be used in any application from schools, residential homes (basements, garages, or backyards), farmers markets, florist shops, garden centers, or even urban rooftops in any geographical location from deserts to the Arctic.
  • Completely air tight making it easier to control pests and weeds.
  • You can manipulate the growing conditions for your specific crop regardless of the external climate.
  • Units are shipped knocked down on a skid for economical shipping and can be assembled in less than an hour.


  • Available in three standard sizes. If these sizes do not fit your needs, Eden can manufacture grow rooms to any size or shape.
    Nominal Size Actual Grow Room Dimensions Catalog Number
    8’x6’x8’ 7’10” x 5’10” x 8’8” 42-0400
    8’x9’x8’ 7’10” x 8’10” x 8’0” 42-0420
    8’x13’x8’ 7’10” X 12’10” x 8’0” 42-0440
  • Optional shelving, floor and entry port is available for an additional cost.
  • Eden Grow Room units have the ability to be easily expanded or relocated in the future by simply unlocking the panels.
  • Door: Twist knob with locking tumbler.
  • Floor (optional): Floor panels are 4” thick and consist of expanded high-density polystyrene foam insulation sandwiched between stucco embossed 26 gauge galvalume outside and 22-gauge stainless steel inside.
  • If no floor is installed, vinyl screeding is used along base of the unit. This unit must be installed on a ground contact concrete floor.
  • Panels: Wall and ceiling panels are constructed with tongue and groove 2 1/2 lb expanded polystyrene insulation sandwiched between two sheets of 26-gauge stucco embossed galvalume steel.
  • Air Conditioning is optional.
  • Any additional supplies such as grow lights, LED lighting, irrigation systems, plug trays/containers, media, fertilizer, circulation fans, air conditioning/heating units, etc. are all sold separately.

Please call our sales dept for more information on how to take your gardening to a whole new level with an Eden Grow Room or visit Eden Grow Rooms.