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Independence tall fescue blend was created specifically for St. Louis. In 1986, Hummert’s selected the best varieties of tall fescue to deliver a strong and resilient lawn that would withstand the brutally hot summers and cold winters of St. Louis. Today, Hummert’s still selects the best and newest tall fescue varieties available to give St. Louis the best looking lawns at a reasonable price.


BARVADO 25% Barvado tall fescue was developed by breeders and given the breeder code “EBP” meaning “Enhanced Brown Patch”. It was bred from plants that survived a brown patch epidemic. Barvado combines this excellent brown patch tolerance with excellent turf quality. Barvado is a dark green variety and is highly ranked in NTEP trials. It is a semi dwarf variety and has medium leaf texture. Barvado has high live endophyte content as well. These endophytes give Barvado improved disease and insect resistance. Barvado is highly suited for sod production, golf courses, sports fields, and home lawns.


BARROBUSTO 25% BarRobusto is a dependable turf-type tall fescue variety bred by Barenbrug Research. BarRobusto is a very high-quality, dark green tall fescue which performs extremely well in the southern transition zone. BarRobusto exhibits a high level of endophyte which increases its resistance against pests and diseases as illustrated by its resistance to Brown Patch.


BARLEXAS II 25% For beautiful dark green turf that has the toughness to withstand Mother Nature’s wrath, Barlexas II turf-type tall fescue is the ideal choice. Its excellent rooting ability enhances drought and heat resistance. Barlexas II has been bred to form a strong, vigorous and dense turf that exhibits remarkable disease and insect resistance.


BARRINGTON 25% Barringtion turf type tall fescue is a selection from Barenbrug USA research program. Barrington shows excellent performance throughout the transition zone where turf type tall fescue dominates. Heat and drought tolerance are two of Barrington’s major strengths. Dark green color is sure to impress the critics and please the users of this outstanding fescue variety.


Catalog # Size PC-1
90-0865- 50 lb $57.10 $53.50 $51.00
90-0863- 25 lb $29.90 $28.00 $26.70
90-0861- 10 lb $13.50 $12.70 $12.10
90-0860- 5 lb $6.75 $6.30 $6.00

Prices good through November 15th 2012