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Broccoli and Cauliflower are the only vegetables that are also flowers.


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Aria 50 WDG

Bamboo U-Hoops


Top Gun Disposable Bait Stations

Bamboo U-Hoops


JAWZ Mouse Trap

Top Gun Disposable Bait Station


Hummert's Grand Expo


What You Seed is What You Get!

Grass Seed Blends

Anyone can sell you a bag of grass seed but very few can provide you all the information needed to get off to a good start and maintain the grass after planting.

Most folks have the idea that all grass seed is basically the same… big mistake!

Choosing quality seed is one of the most important steps in any successful planting or over seeding. Check our Hummert labels-our purity and germination rates are among the best!

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Independence Blend

Independenence logo


Independence tall fescue blend was created specifically for St. Louis. In 1986, Hummert’s selected the best varieties of tall fescue to deliver a strong and resilient lawn that would withstand the brutally hot summers and cold winters of St. Louis. Today, Hummert’s still selects the best and newest tall fescue varieties available to give St. Louis the best looking lawns at a reasonable price.

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Plants & Cuttings and Fall Bulb List Now Available

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2013 Plants & Cuttings Catalog & 2012 Fall Bulb List

Plants and Cuttings Plus Fall Bulbs

Avoid Poinsettia Nutrition Problems

Poinsettias in the greenhouse


The Starting Point

The starting point for all fertility programs is appropriate pH and decent water quality. If you have major problems with either, it won’t matter what fertility programs you establish nutritional problems are bound to follow. In an ideal world, your root medium pH will be in the range of 5.5-6.8. At lower pH levels, calcium, magnesium, and molybdenum may become deficient. At higher pH levels, some micronutrients may become deficient. It is easiest to maintain a root medium pH in this range if the pH of your water source falls between 5.5-7.0. If the alkalinity of your water (it’s capacity to neutralize acid) is higher than 2.0 meq (100ppm calcium carbonate equivalent), you may need to look towards downward adjustments in your lime use or try acid-injection.

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Hummert Supports Ag Education

Small Greenhouse At Kansas State Fairgrounds


Hummert along with several other vendors donated materials to build a greenhouse in the Agriculture Education building at the Kansas State Fair. The greenhouse will be permanently located in the ag building and will be used for demonstration and education purposes for many years to come. The structure was constructed by the Newton FFA Chapter. Great job to everyone involved.

Donations organized by Hummert International.
We thank all of the vendors that contributed for their support as well.:
Ludy Greenhouses
DeWitt Company

PL Light

October Garden Tips

Little Gardener

  • Transplant roses if necessary.
  • Plant snow drop, hyacinth and star of Bethlehem bulbs.
  • Pot and force bulbs for winter enjoyment.
  • Shred fallen leaves for faster composting.
  • Remove weeds and debris from garden.
  • Dig gladiolus corms when leaves turn yellow. Store corms in peat moss, sawdust or sand in a cool part of the basement.
  • Watch weather forecasts for possible killing frosts.
  • Harvest frost sensitive produce (squash, pumpkins and gourds) when frost is forecasted.
  • Dig dahlias after the foliage is killed by a frost.
  • Cut perennials to the ground.

Water Quality and Pesticides

Blue Water Wave

There are a lot of factors that go into spraying pesticides successfully. However, water quality is usually not even considered. It is important to know that the quality of spray water can have an effect on your pesticide efficacy. Suspended solids, hard water, alkalinity, and pH can affect the amount of control you get with your pesticide application. This article will describe what these water quality factors are and what you can do to remedy problems.

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