Hummert's Cannabis Supplies  


Labeling does not exist for Cannabis production; growers must consult

appropriate regulatory agencies before using any chemicals!




Azatin O

Triact 70

Pyganic EC 1.4

Ultra-Pure Oil

Gnatrol WDG



Conserve SC

Pyrethrum TR



Botanigard ES, 22WP

Mosquito Bits





Actinovate SP

Zerotol 2.0


Oxidate 2.0

Rootshield WP




Magnesium Sulfate-Epsom Salt

Potassium Sulfate 0-0-50

Mono Potassium Phosphate 0-52-34

Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0

Potassium Nitrate Crystals

M.O.S.T (Mix of Soluble Traces)

Sprint Chelated Iron Products

Osmocote Pro 19-5-8 + Minors

Nursery Mix 23-4-8 with Micronutrients

Jack's Pro 20-10-20

Jack's 16-4-17 Hydro Feed

Jack's Pro 20-20-20

Jack's Pro 15-16-17

Jack's Pro 10-30-20

Peter's Excel Cal-Mag 15-5-15

Floral Micro 5-0-1

Floral Gro 2-1-6

Floral Bloom 0-5-4

Floral Micro Hardwater

Dyna-Gro All-Pro 7-7-7

Dyna-Gro Bloom 3-12-6

Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro 9-3-6

Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow 7-9-5

Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro 2-15-4

Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt 0-0-3

Sure Bloom Garden Formula 6-7-6


pH Up

pH Down

Cal-Mag Plus

Laboratory Mixer

Fertilizer Drum & Lids

Solution Tank

Solution Tank Lid

Solution Tank Dolly

Solution Tank Mixer


Rooting Compounds

Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts 20% IBA

Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets

Rhizopon AA Dry Powder Rooting Hormone

Hormex Liquid Concentrate


Growing Media

Pro-Mix HP Chunk Coir Mycorrhizae

Profile Prof. Growth Medium

Pro-Mix PGX

Compressed Coir Blocks

Coir Husk Chip Block

Clay Pebbles

Coco Croutons Growing Media

Soil Mender Coconut Fiber

Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets

Oasis Rootcubes

Oasis Horticubes

Rockwool Cubes

Rockwool Blocks

GroTop Expert Rockwool Slab


Soil Conditioners


Nitron Earthworm Castings


Rice Hulls



Safety Equipment

Boot Dip Mat

Zerotol 2.0

Tingley PVC Knee Boot

Tingley PVC Over-Shoe Boot

Disposable Tyvek Coverall

Saranex Coated Tyvek Spray Suit

Survivair Opti-Fit APR

Survivair 2000 Half Mask

Survivair Multi-Contaminant Combined Cartridge Filter P100

Dust Mask - CP1000VP

Disposable Respirator with Exhale Valve

Hummert Safety Glasses

Stress Glasses

Safety Goggles

Adjustable Safety Eyewear

Safety Eyewear

Disposable Heavyweight PVC Gloves

Blue Nitrile Gloves

Minuteman Universal Spill Kit

Worker Protection Signs

First Aid Station

Pesticide Storage Cabinets

Document Storage Boxes


Soil Testing Equipment

Hanna Instruments Inc. Meter Solutions

Hydroponics Combo Tester pH/EC/TDS/T

Spare Electrode 98128

Meter pH, EC, TDS

Myron L UltraPens

Hanna Gro' Check Combo

General Water Test Kit

Alkalinity Test Kit

Hanna Checker HC

Commercial Truncheon



Folding Pocket Magnifiers

Illuminated Magnifier

IPM Scope

High Power Measuring Microscope

Compound Microscope

Cordless Compound Microscope

Digital Compound Microscope

Stereo Zoom Microscope with Built-In Camera


Pestrap Ready to Use Sticky Cards

Zinc S Hooks

Support Stakes & Hooks

Wire Support Stakes

Multi-Purpose Wire

Disposable Heavyweight PVC Gloves



  Fixed Wall Mount  

Schaefer Horizontal Air Flow Fan

Schaefer Fan Controls

Schaefer Mount for HAF

Schaefer 1/3 HP Motor



Schaefer Horizontal Air Flow Fan

Schaefer Fan Controls

Oscillator Wall Mount

Schaefer 1/3 HP Motor



Nema Shield

Hippodamia Convergens


Root Stimulates


Pro-Mix Pur Myco Powder

Pro-Mix Pur Myco Granular

M-Roots with Mycorrhiza

Soil Mender Diatomaceous Earth


Containers & Trays

T.O. Plastics Specialty Trays


Propagation Dome

Smart Pots

Custom Containers

Grip-Lip & Econo-Grip Containers

Nursery Containers & Mum Pans


Propagation Mats

Heavy-Duty Propagation Mat

RDT-4 Thermostat

Bench Plate



  Drip Irrigation  


 Emitters Factory  Assembled 

2-Way & 4-Way Multi-Outlet Assemblies

WPC Jr. Pressure Compensating Drippers

Black Polyethylene Tubing

White UV Polyethylene Tubing

16mm Fittings

3mm Netafim Hole Punch

Disc Filters

Low Flow Pressure Regulators

EZ Connect Solenoid Valves

EZ Connect Fittings

Ear Clamps & Pincers


 Emitters Require Field  Assembly 

Multi-Outlet Drippers

Arrow Dripper Stakes

2-Way & 4-Way Multi-Outlet Assemblies

Cut to Length & Bulk UV White PE Tubing

3mm Netafim Hole Punch

Black Polyethylene Tubing

White UV Polyethylene Tubing

16mm Fittings

WPC Jr. Pressure Compensating Drippers

Disc Filters

Low Flow Pressure Regulators

EZ Connect Solenoid Valves

EZ Connect Fittings

Ear Clamps & Pincers


  Capillary Mat Irrigation  

CapMat II

Distribution Kits for CapMat

Disc Filters

Low Flow Pressure Regulators

EZ Connect Solenoid Valves

EZ Connect Fittings

16mm Fittings

Ear Clamps & Pincers


  Hand Watering Supplies  

Flexzilla Garden Hose

Handi-Reach Aluminum Extension Handle

1000 PL Water Breakers

Brass Shut Off Valve

Brass Snap Connectors

Fogg-It Nozzle


  Sprayers & Foggers  

Solo 456 High Pressure Hand-Held Sprayer

Dramm MLVH-10A Mini Autofog

Dramm MSO Heavy Duty Sprayer


Conley's Greenhouses

7500LD Greenhouse


PL Lighting / Urban Gro

  HSE Fixtures  

MED-NXT2 1000 watt Fixtures

MED-MH 1000 watt Fixtures



Loop Handle Carabiner Pruner

Soft Touch Micro-Tip Pruner

Bypass Pruner

Felco Pruners

Leather Pruner Holsters

Leather Scabbard

Corona Pruners

Gel Bypass Pruner & Floral Snips

ARS Needlenose Fruit Pruner

ARS Fruit Pruner


  Snips & Shears  

Titanium Snips

Heavy Duty Snips

Flower Snips

Titanium Scissors & Shears

ColorPoint Compact Shears

Comfort Grip Floral Snips

Corona Hedge Shears


  Knives & Loppers  

Compound Action Bypass Lopper

Compound Action Anvil Lopper

Orchard Lopper

Swiss Champ Knives

Multi-Purpose Fixed Blade Knives


  Aprons & Gloves  

Cotton - Polyester Aprons

Nitrile Touch Gloves

Nitrile Tough Gloves

Landscaper Gloves



Soil Thermometers

Wall Thermometers

Infrared Gun-Type Thermometer

Temperature & Humidity Datalogger

WatchDog Radiation Shield

WatchDog Micro Data Stations

WatchDog External Temp Sensor

WatchDog Soil Moisture Sensor


Cleaning Supplies

Brute Containers, Lids, & Dolly

Duo Bristle Brooms

Super Duper Scooper

Rubbermaid Brooms

Plastic Broom & Dust Pan

Hummert's Super Scoop

Shovels, Post Hole Diggers, & Scoops

Spades, Hoes, & Other Tools

Rakes & Forks



One-Wheel Greenhouse Cart

Hummert's Garden Carts

Hummert's Stocking Carts

Farm Tough Cart

Tilt Trucks

Heavy Duty Tilt Trucks

Utility Carts

Platform Trucks




Hummert's Media Steam Carts

Steam-Flo Soil Sterilizer

Hummert's Steam Aerator

Connection Hoses

Portable Data Logger

Connection Cables & Probes



Electric Soil Sterilizer

Portable Data Logger

Connection Cables & Probes



AiroCide25 Air Sanitizer

AiroClean420 Air Sanitizer




Hummert Greenhouse Benches



Hummert Greenhouse Benches



Hummert's Work Tables

Mobile Potting Bench


Plant Stakes

Natural Bamboo Cane

Sturdy Stakes

Heavy Duty Tomato Cages

Heavy Duty Jumbo Tomato Cage

BJA Tape & Tape Binders

BJA Staples & Replacement Blades

Twist-Ems Twist-Ties


Plant Labels & Markers

Plastic Labels

Small White Plastic Labels

Fast-Loc Roll Labels

Sharpie Markers


HE Anderson Aqua System Fertilizer Injectors

Graduated Solution Tank

Solution Tank Lids

Solution Tank Dolly


Link4 Environmental Controls

iGrow 1600 Controller

CO2 Monitor

pH Measurement Kit

EC Measurement Kit

Solar Light Sensor

iControl Software


Dandy Light Traps