Biological Pest Control Agents

Biocontrols are an effective tool to growers in just about any situation.
Bear in mind that when using biocontrols, a new set of rules must be followed:

  1. Growers must reduce the amounts of pesticides used, and in most cases, either substitute what’s on hand or, better yet, simply discontinue the use of pesticides entirely.
    (The outcome of this is typically a major reduction in applicator labor.)
  2. Multiple releases of biocontrols are necessary in nearly every case, like most sprays, and should be thought of as a part of an overall program or strategy.
  3. All live biocontrols are shipped overnight from the grower with a guarantee of health and fitness. There are extra charges for this level of freight service. Detailed short-term storage, handling and release instructions are included with every order. Orders must be placed by Wednesday 5pm CST to get shipment by the following week.

Note to growers: Information provided here is not complete. More information is needed to successfully implement a biocontrol program.